Susan Johnson


Landscapes can be more than pretty pictures. They can also express a mood and a personal theme or concern. In addition they reveal the uniqueness of the art medium, in my case, strong colored oil paint sticks basically made with linseed oil, pigment and wax.

Using abstracted, simplified images of the land and nature, I have explored several themes including: pathways, the passage of time, and human relationships. Recently I have been focusing on Earth's lands, waters, and sky such as in my small collage called Sun, Sand, and Surf. 

For one exhibition I was inspired by a statement from Elizabeth Stout’s novel Olive Kitteridge: “One of the things about getting older was knowing that so many moments weren’t just moments, they were gifts.” Although the subject in Evening Drama is hugh in size, it is small in time - a fleeting pleasure, a gift.

In my larger works I am known for placing a focused landscape inside an abstracted window or box. By using this technique I hope to raise questions in the minds of viewers, encouraging them to stay in the image longer and to think about what is precious in the land or what the image might mean to them.